A G20 Initiative: Accelerating
the transformation towards
Value-Based Care 

Global Innovation Hub


The Global Innovation Hub for Improving Value in Health is a knowledge body that was created by the G20. The Hub aims to facilitate a global transformation towards value-based care

Spread knowledge

Facilitate key knowledge and information transfer between countries and organizations.

Building towards UHC

Improved allocation of resources in health (building towards UHC)

Value Models

Widescale adoption of value models in all member countries

Act as an integrator of government, private sector, academic institutions and international organizations

Facilitate key knowledge and information transfer between countries and organizations.

Create a common understanding of conception, design, implementation, scale-up and evaluation of value-based approaches.

Support national value-based healthcare policies roll out in health systems across the world

Curate a robust evidence base for value-based healthcare concepts, building towards UHC

Provide continued support for G20 Health Working Group to achieve their aim of achieving UHC, through value-based care

Facilitate a fundamental shift in private sector engagement with national health systems (e.g., payment methods).


A global definition for Value

Value-based care works to improve the health outcomes of patients while optimizing health systems to reduce health care costs.

Value-based care puts patients at the center of health systems, with a focus on creating healthy societies. Michael Porter define value as the outcomes that matter to patients and the costs to achieve those outcomes.





G20 called for the creation of the Global Innovation Hub for Improving Value In Health. “Well-functioning, value-based, inclusive, and resilient health systems are critical to move towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 



Housed in the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Health, the Hub’s secretariat begins operation as a fully fledged organization dedicated to the mission of improving value. 


2022 onwards


The Hub will look to build on the body of evidence for Value Based Care while supporting health systems globally to transition to higher value care

Our Publications


29 July 2022

Value-based providers' payment models: Understanding where and under which conditions they work (OECD/Hub)

Lessons and best practices on Value-based providers' payment models, authored in partnership with the OECD.


10 February 2022

Drivers and Barriers for Implementation of Value-based healthcare in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

Landmark study produced by the Hub on the state of value-based care in the MENA Region.


29th October 2021

Health System Resilience and Pandemic Preparedness through Value-Based Care

As part of the contribution to the G20 Italian Presidency, the Hub has reviewed the body of evidence on pandemic preparedness and produced a briefing on how G20 countries can build resilience and promote pandemic preparedness through value-based care.


31st October 2021


The Global Innovation Hub was, once again, endorsed by the G20 Leaders in Rome.
Value-base care remains a core pillar of health systems strengthening and resilience.
“We will pursue our engagement with the Global Innovation Hub for Improving Value in Health”


10th November 2021

How health systems can ensure value for money in addressing the
elective surgical care backlog created by COVID-19

This paper sets out the global scale of the surgical care backlog brought about by the
COVID-19 pandemic and presents a conceptual framework for policy measures to address this challenge.


12 February 2021

Value-Based Health Care in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Lessons from Health System Innovations Responding to the Pandemic in 12 Countries.


19 October 2021

Transformation towards sustainable health system through value based health care

This report collects key messages and insights from the G20 side event on Value Based Health Care (VBHC) held in Riyadh between the 13th and 14th of January, 2020.


21 November 2021

G20 Leaders Declaration

G20 Leaders Declaration from 2020 citing the inception of the Global Innovation Hub for Improving Value in Health

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